This all started one day after my boyfriend moved in with me and we wanted more space on the floor of the condo. I had two large Boxers with large dog beds and four surf board on the floor and just no room to move! 

My boyfriend kept saying "Can't we get these boards off the floor!?". After about a year of nagging (yes, men nag too!), I went to my neighborhood friend “Uncle Bob” and asked him if he could help me make surf racks to get my boards off the floor.

Uncle Bob was a retired carpenter and a man that liked to hang with the he said “Yes!”. Little did he know at the time about my ambitious goals (quality thick hardwoods with inlays!). He took it all in his stride and we started making our first set of surf racks. 

I have them up over my windows holding three large surf board off the floor (check out the photos page for more pictures). As friends came to visit they loved the racks and wanted some of their own and this is how I started making surf racks. All from the nagging of my partner! Buy yours now!